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Writing, Producing, Editing

keep exploring
- eddy zoey

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Since the 90’s, Eddy Zoey has been passionately making his own music. He’s an artist who operates his studio with his own two hands; he writes, composes, sings, and records himself. Over the years, he learned that the key to master a craft is to Keep Exploring.


Exploring is something he has managed to emphasize even more. The real production work, as in making sounds, placing guitars, recording choirs in layers, are disciplines that he has concentrated on even more. This way, an organic pop song came into being with old school guitar & bass playing, combined with tight programming of beats & keys. It delivers a song that combine clear 80's & 90's influences with elements of contemporary dance & radio-pop.

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More about
this production

Eddy Zoey agreed to make the message that the story conveys more universal and relatable to the viewer. In consequence, the music video summarizes how strong we, humans, are in both building and tearing down the world. There is an analogy between the two elements. Therefore, we, as humanity, must continue to explore and discover how we can opt for the right way of team building/collaboration.

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